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I used Auto Blog Builder as a front product for a marketing campaign with very good results and positive customers feedback.

Your products and marketing materials are very accurate very well thought and best sellers!

I suggest to everyone if you really want a solid online business to think about these software products cause they will give you all the satisfacion you are looking for!!

Paolo Orlando

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This is great I became a master reseller 2 days ago and made my first sale !

100% bounced in my paypal account !

This is for real !

Keurvels Michele

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I just became a free member, of VIPProfit zone, 2:47pm MST, 9/17/09.

However, I have been acquainted with Jeremy Gislason for some time and his name alone on this software tells me it's worth having and being a part of!

Thank you Jeremy, for all your products, sites and help! And keeping my interst in, on line income and marketing!

Rusty Smith

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Of all the many Help Desk software scripts I have used VIP Help Desk has proven to be the best, easiest and most power packed script ever.

I have installed and tried at least 5 different ones costing from $100 to $500 and I still like VIP Help Desk the best.

Thanks for the hard work and details you put into your software/scripts.

Barry Ramlow

Added on 26/10/2007 

We searched high and low for a help desk solution that had the flexibility and features we needed for our site and thanks to your recommendation we put VIP Help Desk to the test at

What an incredible piece of software!...It's easy to use, it's slashed our support costs and response times in half and everyone loves it from the support team who use it everyday to our clients who get the fast and efficient support they need.

And just so you know (the nearest rival to VIP Help Desk software actually costs 7 x times more and isn't as good!)

Simon Hodgkinson

Added on 26/10/2007 

I truly am grateful for a service like VIP Profit Zone. To be honest with you, I actually made over $5000 in 3 days marketing just one of your products.

These results demonstrate that there is true value in the VPZ membership.

I will also like to say that I really enjoy your VIP Profit Zone website and I truly anticipate all the incredible products you launch/release each month. These products have literally placed thousands of dollars into my pocket this year, and I owe it all to your service.

Melvin Perry

Added on 16/01/2008 

Profit is about $600 a month.

I really like your site and services as you are the only one offering quality scripts, professional sales letters and graphics and SUPPORT. So this is unique in the industry.

Sandra k

Added on 26/10/2007 

It's a fact!

Since I manually process order and delivery, I had to stop accepting order for a week.

Auto-Blog Builder sales page attracts a couple thousand access everyday.

I got money and traffic!

Matt K.

Added on 26/10/2007 

Thank you so much for the great products. I love them and they are so easy to use.

Dirk Wagner

Added on 26/10/2007 

I am really impressed with the high quality that you and your crew have built into the software. I just can't wait for next month's treats.

I reckon the best offer online that i have ever seen.

Bruce Reid

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I use VIP Profit Zone software regularly for many business and my 68 websites. They have definitely produced some quality work in all the software titles and the support is superb.

I definitely recommend you utilize any one of the software solutions available at VIP Profit Zone.

Barry Ramlow

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Profit is about $600 a month.

I really like your site and services as you are the only one offering quality scripts, professional sales letters and graphics and SUPPORT. So this is unique in the industry.

Sandra k

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