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Profit Feeds Generator V2.0

Bring the Profit Power of RSS to Clickbank... Without Knowing Anything About RSS!

  Update: New Version 2.0 Released!

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From: Jeremy Gislason

Electricity, RSS & Clickbank!

Who cares WHAT Electricity is?!

All you care about is how to use it and benefit from it, right?

Why should it be any different with RSS?

You don't know what RSS is?

Who cares? You don't need to know so I'm not going to tell you. There are many sites that explain what RSS really is.

All you need to know is that you can use RSS and benefit from it in your promotions of Clickbank products on your website.

What's Important to Know...

RSS = Frequent Search Engine Spider Visits + Higher Listings/Rankings!

You see, one of the greatest benefits of RSS is more frequent search engine spider visits to your site and improved/higher search engine listings/rankings.

Search engines love new, fresh content on websites; news sources in particular!

And that's exactly what RSS is known for: automatically distributing news headlines and content on the web!

So, how about we use the power of RSS to display Clickbank products of your choice on your website?

That's exactly what Clickbank Profit Feeds Generator does and a lot more!

Clickbank Profit Feeds Generator encourages search engine spiders to crawl your web pages more often and improve your web page listings/rankings, hence increasing your Clickbank affiliate commissions!

What Is Clickbank Profit Feeds Generator?

Clickbank Profit Feeds Generator utilizes the power of RSS to convert Clickbank marketplace to a 24/7 source of new/fresh content (Clickbank product displays) that search engines adore!

Clickbank Profit Feeds Generator increases the frequency of search engine spider visits to your website and improves your search engine ranking.


Clickbank Profit Feeds Generator goes to Clickbank's product database, fetches product info, feeds it to your webpages and refreshes it every hour. The entire process is automatic.












Clickbank Profit Feeds Generator Features & Benefits!

Display Keyword-Targeted, Theme-related products on your site!

You can select any category or subcategory of ClickBank in the control panel like "Business to Business" or "Computing & Internet".

You have an option to add a keyword filter to each RSS feed to make sure you get the ads with the keywords related to your website.

Get automatic web page optimization with fresh content.

For example, when you input the keywords like 'weight loss', Clickbank Profit Feeds Generator only crawls the Clickbank products which have the keyword  'weight loss' in the title and description.

So your web pages will show the content with the keywords 'weight loss' optimized.

Inside the panel of CB Profit Feeds, the users is able to edit the CB product ad.

Feed New Product Ads Every Hour or More!

Clickbank Profit Feeds Generator sends up to 200 new products ads to your RSS script every 1 to 24 hours, according to your choice.

It makes sure your website displays new products for your visitors and repeat visitors every time.


Track the total number of clicks for individual products. You will know which products are getting the clicks and are hot and which ones are not.

No Conflict With Google AdSense!

Clickbank Profit Feeds Generator is a news (product ad) feed source. It is not another contextual ad similar to Adsense. It only shows the product ads based on your requirements. You can put your CB RSS Feeds and Google Adsense together.

Compatible With Other RSS News Resources!

CB RSS Feeds is compatible with other RSS news sources. You don't need to remove the existing XML links of other RSS syndication script(s).

Fast Set Up & No Extra Work!

No script or software installation is required and no editing work for the product ads. Simply select the category or subcategory of Clickbank products, then generate the feed link and add it to your RSS syndication script.

Earn Huge Commissions!

Products listed in Clickbank offer up to 75% commissions. Clickbank sends commission check every 2-week. This is an easy way to skyrocket your Clickbank affiliate commissions.

Good News! Clickbank Profit Feeds Generator Not Limited to Clickbank!

This product is called Clickbank Profit Feeds Generator but it's not limited to Clickbank!

You can use Clickbank Profit Feeds Generator to add multiple news or blog sources to your websites.

You can add multiple news or blog sources to your websites.

Other than Clickbank marketplace, Clickbank Profit Feeds Generator can digest any RSS feeds like Yahoo news, and you can add blog xml, or whatever you like!

One Final Feature...

Clickbank Profit Feeds Generator code generated for your web pages works on htm, html, php, asp!

Important Reminder: Clickbank Profit Feeds Generator does all the fetching, listing of CB products and updating on your list AUTOMATICALLY!

So how about you start turning RSS into automated ClickBank commission generator?

I gotta tell you, Clickbank Profit Feeds Generator is an amazing software that is extremely easy to use.

Still, when you download your copy, you get a help file that teaches you how to use it.

Download Clickbank Profit Feeds Generator Now!

You can download your own copy of Clickbank Profit Feeds Generator right now for only $97! This is one-time payment, NO annual or monthly fees!


Act Now & Get Instant Access!


100% Money Back Guarantee!

Because we're so confident you're going to love Clickbank Profit Feeds Generator, we're willing to offer an ironclad, 100% money back guarantee.  Try it out and put it to the test! If you aren't completely satisfied, simply contact us anytime within 30 days and we'll refund all of your money.

You'll be accessing the software in just a few minutes!





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