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VIP ClickBank Profit Feeds Generator Software Updates and Improvements

Published on: 09/05/ 2008 | By: | Rating: Unrated | Total Views: 11979
About The Author: Bring the Profit Power of RSS to Clickbank... Without Knowing Anything About RSS!
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   CB Profit Feed Generator
Purpose of the site:

CB Profit Feed generator  allows you to easily create and  manage hundreds of  custom Rss feeds using items from click bank database. You can use Click bank Profit Feeds Generator to add multiple news or blog sources to your websites.

CB Profit feed Genrator

Application is developed using web 2.0 design standard  having  following core functionalities

Core Functionalities (Steps) to Create Feed are:
         Step1  - Download XML File
                      -  Synchronize Categories & Product
         Step 2 -  Enter Click Bank Id
         Step 3 -  Generate Feed Validator
                      -   Create Click Bank Feed.
                      -   Your Click Bank Feeds.
                       -   Click Bank Feeds Tracking.

 CB Profit feed generator


  Step 1 :-

1)    Download XML File :
          XML file can be download  by -
A)    Upload files to your server
B)    Create a database and user in MySQL Database
C)    Install the script

2)    Synchronize Categories & Product:
1)    You can  Synchronize the Categories of click bank by  “ Start Parsing “. while synchronizing categories screen appears as follows


 After completing synchronization process screen appears as follows which shows the time taken for parsing , Total Categories ,Total Unique products ,Total Products.

2)    First time of synchronization , categories will be added to the application.
                          Another time, these Categories will be updated with those in the click  
                          Bank’s Site.
      ‘Synchronize Products’:

 You can Synchronize all the products for each Category.

      Step 2:-

   Click bank Id:
 1)    Click bank Id generates sales commissions by adding the  ClickBank-affiliate name in the product link.
 2)    Sales commission can be earned  whenever a visitor clicks on the link  and  buys  the product.
 3)    Sign up link can be used for generating click bank Id.
 4)   Click bank Id can be changed by using  “Change click bank Id” link.

      Step 3:

1)    a) Generate Feed Validator:
1)    JavaScript code can be generated for the RSS Feed.
2)    RSS Link (RSS Feed) provided in the URL textbox. can be validate .
3)    Name can be provided to RSS Feed, which could be directly selected in future  and hence avoiding to provide the whole link       again. Link can be saved with the providing the  name. By saving the feed , the name  would get listed in the Feed List  on the extreme top. So, in future, this link can be used  by selecting Name.
4)    The total number of links can be created for  the RSS Feed.  By default, the value is 1.
5)     Font style , size and color can be set for the Title of all the links, preview is generated for the same .
6)     Font style, size and color can be set  for the description of all the links, preview is generated for the same..

7)    Link can be opened in:-                       
a)    Same Window: When a link is clicked, the link gets open in the same window.
b)    New Window: When a link is clicked, the link gets open in a new window, and the original window remains as it is.
 8)  Link can be displayed for some common words or category  by providing 
      all such  keywords 
 9) Java script code can be  generated  and displayed in the text-area.
 10 User can  ‘Copy’ the  whole code & paste it on the desired location on their web page .

      b) Create ClickBank Feed :

 This helps in using Click Bank products and turns them in RSS Feed. Also, this       allows you to select which product categories you'd like to show in the feed, and it can even populate your feed with up to 200 new products every 1 to 24 hours.. Feed can be generated by selecting following options
1)    Select All: You can select Categories & their products by using this option  .
2)    Select by Branch: You can select all the products for the selected Category
3)    Categories and sub-categories: Here you can select particular category or even their sub-categories manually by selecting only that combo-box.
4)    Keywords: When you want some particular term to be come in all the product links, of the feed, then you can specify such terms here. Only those product links would come in the Feed whose title or the description has this term(keywords) in it. All such terms (keywords ) need to be specified with comma-separated.
5)    No. of products to be displayed : You can select up to 200 products to be shown at a time.
6)    Time for CBRSS File Rotation:  You can set 1-24 hours, and the Feed will show the fresh products after.
 After providing all the inputs, the  application create the link for the Feed  User can validate this feed  by Clicking  on ‘Next ’button and  generates  JavaScript code, which can be directly pasted on your web page code

    c) Your Click bank Feeds:

1)    Listing of all generated Click Bank Feeds , which can be used for displaying the dynamic contents on the web page.                                                           
2)    Provide  delete functionality for  any of the feed by clicking on the delete  icon for the related link.
3)    Confirmation  messages  provided before & after deleting the feeds.

  d) Click Bank Feeds Tracking:   
This helps in keeping track on the number of clicks of each product. Only those   products will be listed which has at least one click on it.
   e) Settings:

Change Password :
1)Admin can change the password  for the security purpose.
2) Messages are provided for invalid actions.

Change Click Bank Id :                                                                                                   
 1)The Click Bank Id can be change using this option..               
 2)Messages are provided for invalid actions
Product Statistics:

Product Statistics can be generated  for number of times Ad viewed and visited for  the particular category as well for all or particular add   through  feed which is generated by  selecting following-
1)    Select Category : Category can be selected for which the feed is  generated        
2)    Select Ad            : Particular Ad of selected category. can be selected
3)    Select Domain   : Domain from drop down box can be selected.
4)    Select From Date: Select the date from which you want the statistics
5)    Select to Date     :Select the date up to which u want the statistics
6)    Select Attribute  :  Attribute can be selected  as domain, date, hour ,   referrer, referrer domain, ips from the dropdown list
After selecting all inputs & Clicking on generating report statistics is generated  as  follows.

Logout : Clicking on this will log you out from the application.


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